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What begins as a test of athletic prowess becomes a quest for discovery just to stay alive !

Four young men and women are boated into a hunting lodge in the wilds of northern New Brunswick, Canada to partake in a cross country ski race in which the winner will reap a cash prize of $250,000.

Each contestant is a former athlete or high-profile celebrity who has already received a deposit of $25,000 for their time just to travel and enter the race in the desolate area known as “Plaster Rock.” The only problem is, once left at the lodge by boat, there is no way out, and each contestant begins to realize they have more at stake than the cash prize.

Plaster Rock is a fast-paced thriller-horror film which takes place in remote wilderness where you need more than luck to survive!

Jackie Giroux, the film’s writer and director, commented,"...the use of a professional magician as an integral part of a films' plot is very rare. What makes our film unique is, we utilized the world renown talents of Peter Loughran-Master of Illusions. Peter has created original Illusions for top magicians around the world including Criss Angel for the popular television program called "MindFreak"! Peter gives an amazing performance in Plaster Rock "